CRA Liaison

What is a CRA Liaison? Learn more about how linking the CRA with remote monitoring can help your trial save money, improve site relationships and achieve better trial results.

The clinical trial monitoring experience and the role of Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) are changing as we know it. We need to be disruptive and be open to change in the new CRA experience. Our hope is to enable the CRAs to spend their valuable time on scientific, safety and content review within subjects and across subjects. Clinical studies are becoming more complex, and for the new CRA, the focus will need to be on a more complex review. This will finally result in a better utilization of valuable study resources and achieve more reliable clinical trial results. To achieve this Clinitude has been empowering and supporting CRAs in several ways. Communication was an important first step to achieve this ambitious goal, but at the same time, Clinitude realized that a revolutionary change in monitoring and trial management was needed.

We launched the game-changing CRA Liaison model to improve site monitoring results. A CRA Liaison is the main link between remote monitoring and the CRA. We have created a central team that is very dynamic and where communication plays a prominent role in this modern site management process. With this shift in the utilization of resources we are aware that we will have a new future CRA, a CRA with progressive skillsets where the focus is in strategic working, collaborations and stronger relationships, understanding new clinical trial technology and with developing consistent study strategies. Contact us to learn more about how a CRA Liaison can be integrated into your clinical trial program.